My name is Rosey Day (Rosemary actually but only my mum ever calls me that, and only when I have messed up BIG time).  So yes, it is my real name...and it only took me till the age of 21to get used to all the jokes and start to like it!  Now I love it so much I trade under it, though not everyone realises it is my birth name! 

I live and work at the top of a beautiful old Victorian house in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria; which is at the extreme south of the Australian mainland.  I made my first bear in January 1999 from a kit, and was so enchanted by the result that I pursued the interest and taught myself the art of bear making by reading as many books and magazines as I could get my hands on.

I have also been very fortunate to receive much help and encouragement from within the bear making community.  I may have improved since those early days, but I still find the best way to learn and develop new techniques is trial and error.

I can make around 50-60 bears a year, so I prefer to work on one-of-a-kind bears and explore new ideas and techniques with each creation.  Each bear is completely designed and made by me from materials that I have sourced from all over the globe.

  I like to use a wide variety of materials, but my all time favorites are the rare vintage fabrics.My bears vary in size, and are not always strictly miniature, but I feel that capturing character detail and personality is more important than making a bear really tiny. 

I am pleased to say that all those tiny stitches have not been in vain and I have quite a few bear making awards to my credit. I am also lucky enough to have a been published in a number of bear magazines, and have four of my bears featured in the book  "Making Teddy Bears - Celebrating 100 Years" (released July 2001).  I also have the honour of six of my little bears residing in the Teddy Bear Museum, Korea.

You will always be able to tell that a bear is made by me from the small plastic tag saying 'Rosey Day Australia' sewn onto the back of the bear, and my signature in burgundy ink on the swing tag.
My wonderful Mum who, along with Ri c (below), mans my show table when I'm not able  to attend.
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